About My Server

05-12-2013 - 0 minutes, 38 seconds -

For those interested, here is some specs on what's running the site:


MSI Wind

1.6GHz Dual Core Atom Processor 2GB of RAM 1TB Harddrive Internal Wireless Card, 10/100 Ethernet Operating System:

XBMC Live (Ubuntu-based, boots in ~30s) Software:

XMBC, Mumble, Minecraft Server (more on this below), Deluge, Apache, MySQL Minecraft Server:

The Minecraft server runs Craftbukkit with the following plugins: AdminCmd, ChatterCraft, MagicCarpet, MapMarkers, Nanobot, Runecraft, WorldEdit The Minecraft world is backed up every 30 minutes. Overviewer is installed at tylerphawkins.com/minecraftmap/ and it updates nightly. Other Thoughts:

There's other stuff running on the server and special configurations for different things, but most of it was made only for me. [Update 12/3/11]

I now run the site on an EC2 instance. This machine now is media-center only.