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What is Hell?

Hell is a waiting room where your number is never called. Not going to post too much detail but I’ve made literally dozens of phone calls, drove dozens of miles and so far, have made no progress in getting a GP doctor. Sentara Norfolk is also under a huge amount […]


The title is molasses and that’s how I feel and how it feels going through “the system” of healthcare. I won’t complain too long but as it is I’ve likely made a dozen phone calls and I have more to make even still just to get a primary care provider. […]


A quick little update – I checked with a previous time I had a CT scan and the cyst showed up then too! I’ve had this thing for forever! It has grown slightly since then but all the more reason to get a primary care provider and talk it over […]

A quick word

Some of my readers know more than others, but in any case I’m picking up my blogging for a bit more to keep all my friends and family in the loop. The reason for this is because I was in and out of the hospital recently and I want to […]