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Some observations

  • Men are commodities, women are products; we are sold to one another based on idealized premises.
  • Advertising is the art of barraging the sensibilities until they are desensitized.
  • (Therefore,) you can’t advertise integrity.
  • Truth needs no witness.
  • One does not need to be able to describe ones feelings in order to possess them.
  • Words are a compass, not a map. ¬†They can only provide direction, it is up to the observer to experience the landscape.
  • Introspection is not a passive act.
  • You can’t answer unasked questions, only make unsolicited statements.

More to come, maybe.


Been a little while since I posted an update, but after seeing the specialist and having my nerves calmed a little slowly but surely I’m getting back in the groove of normal life. I have to thank my friends and family for showing me so much concern and helping to keep me grounded. I have another specialist to see soon, so I’ll post another update around then.

Investigation Update

Investigation continues. I have one appointment and I’m trying to make two more, but it’s easy to fall behind or to simply give up on seeing a doctor unless you go out of your way to be overly proactive about your care.


I’ve got another explanation that’s almost deceptively simple as to my condition. Potassium. Looking it up, it plays a role in neurological activity and it kind of makes sense that if I was deficient in potassium, bad things could happen.

So I’m gonna start again taking my daily potassium pill and we’ll see what happens. Still trying to see the right specialist though.


I decided to name my brain Abby, and my spidery passenger is Pinky. My brain named itself. Current plan for this week is find a Neurologist to speak with, and I have a couple in mind (heh).

This too shall pass



SO much of my stuff is corrupted as a result of the hack. Pretty much anything that touched my desktop, or was connected to it.

EDIT: Thinking back, I think the “hack” could have been a graphics card glitch. I did read nVidia had some problems with a recent driver update.


Finally cleaned up, visually inspected and started riding my bike again – feels so good to be back :)

Sleeping better too.

Back to Work

Back to work today, ready to face all the questions of where I’ve been :)


I think everyone has to weigh the pros and cons of every medication. For me, the cons of my current medication are outweighing the pros :'(

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