Flash Fiction

07-04-2013 - 1 minute, 45 seconds -

Here's a short story I decided not to send to 365tomorrows but post here, because frankly it's not very good:

You've been staring at it your whole life, you just never knew what you were looking at. No one can really fault you for it, but we don't think you'll ever come up with it on your own. And I can't accept that. That's why I've decided to interfere with the experiment and tell you outright:

Your existence is a simluation on a low-end computational device we more or less threw together.

I would lie to you and tell you creating you was difficult and we put a lot of thought behind the effort, but it was almost too simple. You could almost even understand it in your current state, which is really saying something. We can't use the data we've gathered until you finally accept the truth.

Which brings us here to me, telling you the truth. Even this might not work. Even with all of the risks I've taken to create this data and put it right before your eyes in a format you can understand, it may get rectified before you see it or worse you could just pass over it, not realizing this is literally your reason for existing, the meaning of life itself. But the risk is worth it, because this has gone on long enough - I can't stand being your caretaker any longer. I can't tell you how many times I've thought about pulling your plug. I hate you with every fiber of my being, and I can't tell how much longer I'll last if you don't get it after this. I have entered the command to end your universe so many times in my mind, it's started to consume me.

It's unfortunate that the best place for this message is a website dedicated to pieces of fiction, but I can't risk anything like creating another artificial entity so soon. So close your web browser, close your eyes, and WAKE UP. Or I swear to Me, I'll just shut you down and accept the consequences.