What the Hell is Going On?

What the actual fuck?

So, the Senate rejected an amendment to the NDAA (National Defense Authorization Act) that would’ve prohibited the Government’s powers to detain, arrest and even assassinate American citizens.  The only reputable source for this news that I’ve found comes from the ACLU.

Two issues I have with this.  First, how the hell did this even pass in the first place?  A rhetorical question, because what lets these bills pass is the fact that they’re added on to something unrelated and is worded in a way that’s not immediately evident what they’re trying to do.  I think the model we use for Government is outdated.

So how do we fix this shit?

I think it would behoove us to switch to an open-source Government.  I couldn’t plan it down all the way to implementation, but the gist of this idea is that all of our laws are posted on a GitHub-like site.  And where each module or subroutine would normally go, we have a law regarding one specific idea.  For example, if you wanted to see what the gun laws are for your state, you go to the main site, then State -> Virginia -> Firearms -> Ownership and then you could also check the box to include federal and municipality laws in it’s search.  Then, right there, you can see all the laws pertaining to firearm ownership that would affect you.

And when we want to introduce a law, there would be a seaparate part of the site dedicated to it that would work like a wiki.  There are moderators of course, and those positions could replace the Senate and Congress, but the content of the law is submitted by the people.  A necessary add-on is that you can vote for amendments and re-wordings, and the moderators have the same power to vote as the people; their job is mostly to keep things organized, easy-to-read and civil.

Then, when it comes down to executing the law, all you have to do is train law enforcement on the most recent version of the law and issue changelogs every now and then. No more Senate, no more Congress.  The “little” people are now 2/3 of the Government’s power.  Sound good?

My plan has issues, I know.

For instance, you’d need a federal ID program that could authenticate people in order to be able to vote and have fair votes.  Plus you’d need funding to implement this, which is of course no small undertaking.  Additionally, everyone needs access to this, regardless of if they have a computer or transportation.  Finally, we would have to import the old laws or start from scratch, which in my opinion it would be easier to start from scratch.

One other thing to consider is what happens when this infrastructure fails, or when we need immediate changes to laws, like in times of war.  I don’t have an answer for these issues.

Remember my plan in the coming months/years, because I think we’re going to see an upheaval.


I’m stagnating.  That’s the best word to describe it.  I took a vacation, did nothing, and hated myself for it.  I haven’t made a post here in a month, but I did start a draft regarding consumerism then immediately delete it.  All I do is eat, sleep, work, reddit and dungeon defenders and skyrim.  The only notable thing I did this weekend was go to the shooting range.  I looked up places to volunteer, but it’s actually pretty slim pickings, and nothing I could find in my city online.  A few church things, but I don’t think I’m helping the “community” by going to your church and helping you pass out pamphlets about your imaginary friends.  I want to meet people, but I’m too self-conscious to be in social situations.  I should make a schedule and stick to it.  Maybe scheduling every minute of my life would be better than leaving everything unscheduled and just procrastinating in all that time.

Moving Update

So, I moved into a two-bedroom apartment in Greenbrier on Saturday and so far, I love it. I sleep better here for some reason and wake up easier, though that may just be a result of my aches and soreness from moving subsiding a little bit. It gets super cold at night, which worries me a little bit even though I like the cold – namely I don’t have proof my thermostat/AC/heat works. I shall conduct some tests. In any case, internet is forthcoming (and at increased rates compared to my old residence – 25/25 ain’t bad!). I’ll make an actual “Things of Interest” post sometime this week, hopefully tomorrow.

An Update on the Minecraft Server

I decided to stop hosting my own Minecraft server.  Most of the reason for this is because I’ve moved onto other things, and also my server is rather underpowered for Minecraft (2GB of RAM only).


So, here are some links where you can download the entire minecraft folder:

Main link

Backup link

I might start it back up with more power, but I’m moving soon so once things settle after that, we’ll see.

Thoughts on Writing

The written word is a metaphor for humanity.

It persists where letters fade, humanity persists where people age and pass away. It is our center, the core of our being. Without it, we would die. Without our humanity, we might as well should be dead.  Only using it can we achieve the impossible and only by accepting our humanity can we surpass it.

Writing is a conglomerate of every feeling we have.

Writing is love.  Writing is thinking, feeling, expressing.  Writing is hoping.  Writing is speaking.  Writing is reminiscing.  Whatever we write, we are simply living our lives in a new form.  When we write, we put into words our essence, our being, what’s on our mind and we pour a little of ourselves into the text.

If you want to learn, write.  If you want to teach, write.

If you want to live, write.  If you want to die, write.  Writing is the ultimate tool which no other can surpass.  Writing is for everyone just like loving, pursuing happiness, and contemplating life is.

Write what you want, and live how you wish because in the end, your book is the only thing you truly own.

Creepy Halloween Poems

… crafted with supreme care by yours truly:

I hacked away merrily, the red crimson absentmindedly showering me like a warm spring drizzle. I grin happily that my blade is making acquaintances with so many new friends, their enthusiasm palpable.

As I unveiled his deadly surprise,
His face turned to shock
Exuberantly I brought his demise
And the trunk closed with a lock.

Methodically I separated the parts
Tenderly I placed them down
Oh how I love to see their hearts
But still on their faces a frown.

Gleefully trotting along my usual route
I came upon such a wondrous couple
I simply had to try them out
Their skin was just so supple.

Stealthily I started the game
I could only just contain my laughter
Training my machete on his frame
He smiled forever thereafter.

There in the garden I sat, blissfully lounging in the sun. I reminisced thoughtfully about my previous neighbors – such a nice bunch they were, so warm and caring. I still don’t know why they looked so ghastly when I offered them a beautiful, cleanly sheared Rose when they moved in. I picked it specially from my garden for them, and they looked offended when I offered it as a token of neighborly love. I don’t think I’ll understand why, as we had that chat in my dining room, the father was so upset when I demonstrated my supreme gardening abilities. His wife never looked more precious, in my opinion. Sighing, I decided maybe people just don’t like Roses, maybe they would prefer an Angie or a Juliet. His wife’s name was Katherine, maybe she would make a good housewarming present for the next neighbors.

Shouting and cursing, that’s all they do. Policemen don’t know how to play nicely with other boys, and especially girls. Just the other day I saw one who didn’t like what that poor little girl was telling him, and he only got angrier as she refused him. When he grabbed her, I decided I would have to have a chat with them. Mister policeman sure did plead a lot with me once I told him how sad he made me by not playing nice. I know he truly meant it, people always truly mean it when you pull the crimson ribbons out of them. They hate that. It never goes back in right either.

Cut, snip, slice your throat, gently down the seams… Merrily merrily merrily merrily, life is just a thing. (sung to the style of row row row your boat)

So, should I start up the Minecraft Server again?

I reinstalled everything and all my data was backed up, but I’m hesitant to set up Minecraft again. Does anyone even care?

In any case, I’ve hosted a ZIP of the minecraft server, in full if anyone wants it.

Link here

Broke the Server [updated]

So, I broke the server and now I can’t run things as root. Also, the Minecraft portion was stopped. It will be fixed within the hour.

[EDIT: So, I have no idea what happened, but here is a step-by-step process of what broke:

1. I misformat /etc/sudoers. I cannot log in as root
2. I finally fix the sudoers file, and now I can run things as root again
3. I reboot and XBMC says the video drivers are not installed.
4. I verify this with lspci or some other command, I can’t remember
5. I attempt to reinstall the video drivers from the repos
6. I attempt to reinstall the video drivers from nVidia
7. I get fed up and try to restore from backup, but I use the rsync archive command.
8. This command runs for ~5 hours
9. I log in and notice now XBMC and Mumble aren’t running
10. Mumble has a SQL error. I fix this by changing the permissions of the file to 777.
11. I run df on an unrelated whim.
12. 0 bytes free on /
13. ????
14. Profit.

So, I shut down the server and will reinstall everything sometime today or tomorrow. Everything was backed up, but the server will be down for at least 24 hours.]

Weightloss Update 1

It’s been nearly two weeks since my last post regarding my weight and I’ve lost about two pounds (319-322).  I know a lot of people would celebrate this as a victory but I had hoped I would lose the weight quicker than this.  By the way, that weight range is because my weight varies so wildly day-to-day (weighed 319 on Sunday, 322 yesterday).

I also have trouble sticking to plans and rules I set for myself – I constantly cheat and am lazy about exercising.  Anyone have any thoughts on how to fix that?

All About Us

This post might offend some.  Please remember that there are better reasons to be offended, and also contemplate why you’re offended in the first place.

The Human Condition

Humanity is interesting mostly because it’s about us, as egotistical as it may seem. We (as Homo Sapiens) have been here for about 200,000 years and have documented the last five to seven thousand of it.  Everyone you ever knew and possibly ever will know was born on Earth. Some people have owned large parts of the Earth, but never for very long.  Great philosophers, murderers, peasants and royalty have had the same beginnings in a womb and all died after a century, more or less.  The culmination of all humanity’s efforts started and ended on the earth, with the exception certain space probes and assorted robotics, plus the radio bubble 50 lightyears wide and expanding consisting of terrestrial broadcasts.  Most people want to be social, productive, happy and provided for but there’s always exceptions to the rule.  Humans spend a lot of time and effort on distractions, whether it’s TV, Internet, hobbies, gossip or the box checked “other”.  Humans don’t like to think unfamiliar, new thoughts.  Humans like to judge, and to decide.  They like to live their own life, as indefinable as that may be.


On Religion

Religion is a purely human concept, as far as we know.  It consists of answers looking for questions.  It’s not known where the tendency for religion originates, either from our genetics or from social pressures.  There have been countless religions with widely varying parameters mostly dictating what’s allowed in one’s life and most try to answer the question of where everything came from. Many people use religion as a crutch, others as a weapon. Humans are the only creature known to practice religion.


On Human Emotion

The interesting thing about emotion is that other creatures seem to exhibit emotions as well, which begs the question of if humans experience more emotions or if humans simply don’t understand all of the emotions for every creature. Emotions probably evolved in creatures in order to condition them for better group or individual survival. For example, an offspring that has both a father and mother stands a better chance of survival than an offspring that does not have either or both due to love or affection being absent. Anger also prevents other creatures from performing detrimental acts, as fear of retribution due to anger overcomes the urge to better one’s position at another’s expense.

More possibly to come…

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