Random Truths

12-10-2011 - 0 minutes, 40 seconds -

Below are some of the random thoughts that I have found floating through my consciousness: "Nothing you do will ever be of any significance to the Universe." "Humanity is only important to itself." "The phrase 'as nature intended' is a misnomer. We are all creatures fighting, killing, fucking and scheming to survive. "Nature" has no direction or intention." "Never trust anyone, including yourself." "Don't read into anything, but consider everything with a grain of salt" "Only date people that are more in love with you than you are them. Never marry." "Love every person not for who they are but for what they are - your brother or sister in the Homo Sapiens family." Obviously, these are not unique thoughts as pretty much all consciousness is a conglomerate of previous thoughts modified through slightly differing perspective.