Self-Improvement Progress Update

20-01-2023 - 2 minutes, 19 seconds -
personal thoughts

It's been 4 months since my last update, and I'm both impressed with my progress and I yearn to be further along. I've kept up with a lot of my good habits the entire time, which is actually astounding considering I've never been that way, I've always been lazy and quick to take the easy route. A mile a day, flossing every day, working out 3x a week. I've dove into online dating too, I'm taking that seriously and working hard to find some connection.

On the other hand, I've not lost any appreciable weight in 2 months. I know a large part of that is that I've padded out my meals with light snacking and desserts on many days. I suspect a smaller part of that is that I am building muscle, slowly, with working out.

On the subject of working out, I've been doing bodyweight fitness and I've seen some impressive improvements such as squats making it much easier to squat down and up in daily life. I also can get up from the floor and the couch much easier, which is due to both working out and losing 40 lbs. I'm still 110lbs heavier than my goal weight, I bet if I lost that weight instantly it'd be like I just got out of a gravity room like in Dragon Ball Z lol.

Online dating has also been better and worse than I expected. On one hand, I match with and talk to more people than I expected, but on the other hand more conversations end in silence. I could be doing something wrong, I know I have to know someone for a while before I show affection but if I don't show affection to the people I'm talking to, they may feel like there's no chemistry. Making a spark artificially is a lot harder than it happening naturally. I'm going to look into local hobbies I could get into where it would be okay to chat up people. Anime conventions wouldn't be that bad but I asked someone if they thought they'd like being flirted with at a convention and they said definitely not.

Therapy is sort of winding down, most of the things I talk about are just things that happened since the last time I had therapy, and my therapist mostly agrees with me with how I handle these events. I'll probably still be in it at least occasionally this year though, because...

There are a few things happening in my life that I really can't talk about online, but they're major life events and they're not good events. It's hard to go through them, but I'm not alone for any of them. I'm very lucky to be able to say that. No matter what happens, it's all good.

Eleanor and Chidi from The Good Place taking in a beautiful sunset