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Broke the Server [updated]

So, I broke the server and now I can’t run things as root. Also, the Minecraft portion was stopped. It will be fixed within the hour.

[EDIT: So, I have no idea what happened, but here is a step-by-step process of what broke:

1. I misformat /etc/sudoers. I cannot log in as root
2. I finally fix the sudoers file, and now I can run things as root again
3. I reboot and XBMC says the video drivers are not installed.
4. I verify this with lspci or some other command, I can’t remember
5. I attempt to reinstall the video drivers from the repos
6. I attempt to reinstall the video drivers from nVidia
7. I get fed up and try to restore from backup, but I use the rsync archive command.
8. This command runs for ~5 hours
9. I log in and notice now XBMC and Mumble aren’t running
10. Mumble has a SQL error. I fix this by changing the permissions of the file to 777.
11. I run df on an unrelated whim.
12. 0 bytes free on /
13. ????
14. Profit.

So, I shut down the server and will reinstall everything sometime today or tomorrow. Everything was backed up, but the server will be down for at least 24 hours.]

About the Admin

Greetings, I’m Tyler.  In most things, my user name is InMSWeAntitrust.  I’m new to webhosting and I don’t know how I feel about it.  Links to my pages on various sites below:


Steam name:InMSWeAntitrust
Name in Minecraft:InMSWeAntitrust

Send me an email about my site at InMSWeantitrust&gmail0com. (&[email protected] and 0=.)

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