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So I started getting more into code, and while unfortunately my synergy project for android will probably go nowhere, I will now start posting other code to my github page! So, check it out!

I’d normally post this to the links section on the right, but …

… this is just too interesting not to comment:

Basically, this is one of the most well-engineered pieces of malware; so much so that researchers still don’t know how it spreads. I highly recommend you read the whole thing, but some highlights about the malware:

  • Cryptographically obfuscated payload – the key is the configuration of the target machine.
  • Unknown attack vector
  • Well-engineered load-balancing of C&C servers
  • Inexplicable other behaviors, such as installing a new font (?)

The bottom line is this is the most interesting piece of malware I’ve seen in a long time, all seemingly from the authors of Stuxnet (supposedly the US or Israeli government).

Synergy Update

So I’ve got pretty much most of the UI finished for Synergy, but I think I’ve hit a snag.  First, I haven’t found a good way to do the network communication in App Inventor and second, I don’t even know if App Inventor will support it, as well as support backgrounding the application to the notification area.  More research is needed.

New Android Coding Project – Synergy!

I started a new project to code an android server/client for synergy.

It’s got a LONG way to go, but so far this App Inventor seems like it’ll do the trick.

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