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My Experience and Thoughts on Longhorn

I touched on Longhorn in https://qtosw.com/2021/my-kubernetes-cluster-experience/ but it’s worth digging into further because the concept is really cool. Longhorn works by having nodes with storage provide that storage as iSCSI devices or Kubernetes volumes. It’s similar to CephFS in this way from what I can tell from research, but where […]

Wrestling with Kube-Proxy on Ubuntu 20.04.1

I recently spun up a couple hosts as Kubernetes workers and interestingly, one of them worked fine but the other would not resolve kube-dns queries. On the node itself, running this command would fail: nslookup kubernetes In kube-proxy logs I found this: E0209 04:40:18.259923 1168 proxier.go:1571] Failed to execute […]