Thoughts on Writing

26-10-2011 - 0 minutes, 58 seconds -

The written word is a metaphor for humanity.

It persists where letters fade, humanity persists where people age and pass away. It is our center, the core of our being. Without it, we would die. Without our humanity, we might as well should be dead. Only using it can we achieve the impossible and only by accepting our humanity can we surpass it. Writing is a conglomerate of every feeling we have.

Writing is love. Writing is thinking, feeling, expressing. Writing is hoping. Writing is speaking. Writing is reminiscing. Whatever we write, we are simply living our lives in a new form. When we write, we put into words our essence, our being, what's on our mind and we pour a little of ourselves into the text. If you want to learn, write. If you want to teach, write.

If you want to live, write. If you want to die, write. Writing is the ultimate tool which no other can surpass. Writing is for everyone just like loving, pursuing happiness, and contemplating life is. Write what you want, and live how you wish because in the end, your book is the only thing you truly own.