Understanding Complexities

02-06-2017 - 0 minutes, 45 seconds -

When we understand something, we create a model in our brains using our previous experience's ideas, objects, systems and vocabulary. While this gets us close, it's like using only chess notation to describe things. For some things, like chess games it works perfectly. But for others, like how you feel after a warm summer rain, it's extraordinarily inadequate. So too, do we try to explain people, the universe, life using "rough" terms. We are happy, we are sad, we are lonely, we are proud. But these words mean different things to different people, and they describe things that could be vastly different from one another. Is being proud of oneself the same as being proud of one's offspring? Being proud of one's nation? Taking this to the extreme, should we stumble upon the true nature of the universe, will we even have the language to describe it to ourselves, let alone each other?