Weightloss Statistics!

07-08-2012 - 0 minutes, 56 seconds -

So I'm a huge sucker for statistics. Having a final number that relates to a bunch of different numbers is just awesome. The best part about it is it's applicable to anything. See below: This is a graph of my weight with a line that shows the trend. The cool thing about this is it shows that while I started out not so hot in the beginning, I'm doing a lot more awesomely now. This, is awesome. The power of data and statistics. This is the change per day, as measured the next day, of my weight. It tells me a whole lot of information, such as my worst weight gain days are Saturday and my best weightloss days are Friday. I can directly infer from this that if I can keep to my caloric limit more closely on Saturday and Wednesday, I'll help to eliminate (on average) my weight gain back. The coolest thing is this graph is very similar considering all the data and if I remove the first part of my weightloss where I floundered a bit (see previous graph). Just some really interesting thoughts.