What the Hell is Going On?

03-12-2011 - 2 minutes, 30 seconds -

What the actual fuck?

So, the Senate rejected an amendment to the NDAA (National Defense Authorization Act) that would've prohibited the Government's powers to detain, arrest and even assassinate American citizens. The only reputable source for this news that I've found comes from the ACLU. Two issues I have with this. First, how the hell did this even pass in the first place? A rhetorical question, because what lets these bills pass is the fact that they're added on to something unrelated and is worded in a way that's not immediately evident what they're trying to do. I think the model we use for Government is outdated. So how do we fix this shit?

I think it would behoove us to switch to an open-source Government. I couldn't plan it down all the way to implementation, but the gist of this idea is that all of our laws are posted on a GitHub-like site. And where each module or subroutine would normally go, we have a law regarding one specific idea. For example, if you wanted to see what the gun laws are for your state, you go to the main site, then State > Virginia > Firearms > Ownership and then you could also check the box to include federal and municipality laws in it's search. Then, right there, you can see all the laws pertaining to firearm ownership that would affect you. And when we want to introduce a law, there would be a seaparate part of the site dedicated to it that would work like a wiki. There are moderators of course, and those positions could replace the Senate and Congress, but the content of the law is submitted by the people. A necessary add-on is that you can vote for amendments and re-wordings, and the moderators have the same power to vote as the people; their job is mostly to keep things organized, easy-to-read and civil. Then, when it comes down to executing the law, all you have to do is train law enforcement on the most recent version of the law and issue changelogs every now and then. No more Senate, no more Congress. The "little" people are now 2/3 of the Government's power. Sound good? My plan has issues, I know.

For instance, you'd need a federal ID program that could authenticate people in order to be able to vote and have fair votes. Plus you'd need funding to implement this, which is of course no small undertaking. Additionally, everyone needs access to this, regardless of if they have a computer or transportation. Finally, we would have to import the old laws or start from scratch, which in my opinion it would be easier to start from scratch. One other thing to consider is what happens when this infrastructure fails, or when we need immediate changes to laws, like in times of war. I don't have an answer for these issues. Remember my plan in the coming months/years, because I think we're going to see an upheaval.